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push independent brand development of the domestic market "the state of the export tax rebate policy is expected, before the relevant government departments also warned, but did not expect to come so soon, so suddenly, no grace period." Quanzhou Zhongzhi company chairman Huang Zhongjing told reporters frankly. /〉 vice president of the chamber of Commerce of a missing May 12th, Sichuan earthquake, a lot of work in Huizhou, Sichuan people have to go home to visit the idea, so it is in Huidong County town of Geelong Longwei shoe factory workers more than 110 workers in Sichuan, on May 8th the factory owner, has suddenly disappeared, under each of them at least 3 months of wages, so that they can not go home. reporters yesterday in the hard shoe factory closed, only to see out from the side of the door, the door has been locked in the factory workshop. The staff of the government organization of Ji Yu town are keeping order on the spot and protecting the equipment in the factory from being moved. Most of the workers live in factories and wait for the government to take care of them. it is understood that the hard shoe factory is the local large-scale factories, three production lines, more than 180 workers, the factory owner Yang Xingkun is vice president of Geelong footw jordan retro 14 white/fuchsia blast/black ear association. The evening of May 8th, the boss and his wife and three children at a time when the workers suddenly have never been heard of since, the production line is busy, factory director He Zhanghui received another phone to know the boss may run, he immediately contacted Yang Xingkun, has not. only issued three months salary 70% according to He Zhanghui, I come from Sichuan, a shoe executives are mostly from Sichuan, all with fellow villagers, the factory has more than 110 workers in Sichuan. The earthquake happened in their hometown, and the workers were worried about the family. He Zhanghui said that the boss is usually for workers is also good, from the beginning of November last year in the factory and liquidity problems, the factory director level salary is not sent, when taking into account the boss is a difficult, think we had difficulty. Beginning in March this year, the wages of ordinary workers were nowhere to be found, after a total of more than 830 thousand yuan arrears. Kuala Town Comprehensive Management Office Deputy Director Dai Shixiong said, received Longwei shoe factory workers report, the Town Committee, the town government immediately set up an emergency handling team, organization of public security, labor and other relevant departments to convene a meeting to cheap air jordans deal with the matter. First)Air Jordan 4 " Pure Money" will be on sale in May 13th, but the same theme Air Jordan 13 Low " Pure Money" will also be on sale in May, recently, the network exposure of Air Jordan 13 Low " Pure Money" the real spy photos, Air Jordan 4" and the overall tone; Pure Money" similar in white, metallic silver ornament. the shoes will be on sale in May 20th at $175. Air Jordan fight collection the AIR JORDAN 7The 7 generation Air Jordan launched by the end of 1991, Jordan is in the 1991-92 season of the boots. Because Jordan in the 1992 Olympic Games in Barcelona this 7 generation Jordan won the championship, so Jordan 7 in the Jordan series also has its unique value. Air Jordan7 appearance somewhat 6 generation shadow, the biggest feature is the special color. There are 23 words on the heel, sole is composed of a variety of geometry, the shoe side of the trapeze signs for whole shoe elegance. Air Jordan7 generation of advertising is still a black speck · director; Li led, he started directing and starring Jordan shoes ads from Air Jordan4. Like many other AJ basketball shoes legend, although & quot; Hare& quot; AJ7 advertising seems to be a normal thing, but at the time it needs absolute courage to make such an investment. The beginning of an advertising investment as high as $1 jordan 3 katrina 2018 million (not including Jordan's salary, advertising) produced in 6 months time, 25 artists provided more than 3000 copies of the different pictures. In the video, Michael Jackson invited MJ to dance with his feet on the scene, MJ is the Jordan 7 version of Bordeaux city. AIR JORDAN 8 NIKE launched in February 1993 8 on behalf of Jordan everywhere embodies the design idea on science and technology. AIR JORDAN8 in the shape of significant breakthroughs, the most prominent is the cross bonding shoe face buckle design, enhance the stability of the uppers. In the bottom of the absorption design of running shoes, a large number to reduce the rubber material, reducing the weight of the shoe, the tongue trapeze signs with towel material. Abstract lateral heel and sole central pattern for the AIR JORDAN8 generation adds color art. The 8 generation of Jordan both fit and support, with shoelaces fixation system, AirHuarache elastic inner bottom wrapped feet, to show the adequacy of the hitherto unknown. In separate will configure the outsole around, hollowed out the central part of the bold, to achieve the goal of lightweight. It makes Jordan for seven consecutive years, scoring three straight NBA, the dream can be achieved. A new record of Jordan and in the final record averaged 41 points by surprise. AIR JORDAN 9After cheap jordans for sale was killed in the tragedy of Jordan's father, MJ feeling exhausted, choose to launch NBA in the peak. After he signed a contract with the Chicago White Sox, and the team in the "John baron. Tinker Hatfield was told to abandon the Air Jordan series, to the development of other shoes. But the tinker strongly disagreed, he thinks Jordan is not.Nike SB Stefan Janoski the new color of the Max Mid from the design style of outdoor shoe boots, with brown woolen fabrics collocation waterproof TPU toe show. finally supplemented by signs of Air, Max and Free soles, absolutely value for money! ; Jordan Brand has long announced that it will launch a classic Air Jordan 1 OG High color this year... 's current Air Jordan 1 High "Unlaced" is cashing in on the promise of Jordan Brand. And?? The point is! the shoes don't wear good shoelaces, which is in line with the 1985 debut! PG - Oscar · Robertson 1970 at the age of 32 to join the Milwaukee Bucks of the "O" is the name of the data Master, after one season he can still contribute to the 25+6+8 data, but in the young Jabbar side, "O" most willing to act as a green, with his experience to help this new force, and he died in the data quickly get off, joining in the first quarter, established only three years the big kill four regular se jordans on sale mens ason, 66 wins and 16 losses have not reached the finals after a road is to sweep 4-0 Baltimore bullets, won the championship, established only three years will win so far is the NBA record will last four years of career; dedicated to the Milwaukee high "O" while the data to 16.5+4.9+7.5 degradation, but for four consecutive years to help the team get 59+ wins, became the league's top teams is still no small achievement. SG - ray · Allen as a pitcher in the University of Connecticut's fame, ray & middot; Allen in the 1996 NBA draft was traded to the Milwaukee Bucks after demonstrated impressive namely capabilities, rookie season in addition to field can contribute 13.4 exceptionally is considerable 39.3% from three-point range and in rapid growth for the averaged 22+5.2+4.6 strength is divided into Wei, and Glenn & middot; Robinson and Sam & middot; Cassel composition three musket, become the key of bucks at the turn of the century the transient rise, which the 00-01 season had reached the Eastern Conference finals of the brisk performance, defeated the more powerful Allen & middot; Allen Iverson and his Philadelphia 76 people. SF - Glen · Robinson 2.01 meters tall, plus 102 kg of body weight, big dog with 90's most standard small forward shape, talented, and proficient in various means to attack him i Cheap jordans online air jordan 11 blackout for sale n 94 years to champion the statue to join the Bucks, they can easily take off the star data were 22+6+2; the better person occupation career and the team achieved higher achievement, but conspicuous talent, idler and training dog, always put yourself to stay in the 20+6+2 level did not stop before, but with the thunder · Allen and Cassell led the Bucks remained the League was one of the giants; 12010 in team history to score and score in 21.1 the history of the great Jabbar after all. PF -- Terry · Cummings as the No.2 82 years, Terry & middot; Cummings is also a starting point is quite high player, rookie season in San Diego clippers can averaged 23.7 points +10.6 dazzling data won rookie of the year, unfortunately, the two data is his career peak. Although two years later joined bucks Cummings can still maintain 21.5+8.3+2.6 within five months of the season overall data, and help the Milwaukee Bucks for seven consecutive years won the district Championship 〉Michael Jordan pays homage to Kobe before the game, 2015-12-29 15:41:15 today, before the Lakers face the Hornets, the big screen shows a video clip of Michael Jordan who wants to pay tribute to Kobe. The video has just been played, and then the whole scene has caused a great resonance. Michael Jordan said, "Kobe, I'm sorry, I can't be here tonight, but I want to congratulate you and congratulate you on an incredible career. I've always been a big brother, and you're a little brother, we talk to each other, and your next step and your next career, you need to figure it out. From a competitive point of view, you look like me. You need to take advantage of this competitive power. You helped NBA, and pushed it, and I'm a big fan of you. I love watching you play. I'm happy for what you've achieved in the game. I'm looking forward to your next step." Finally, Jordan made a joke, "don't play too well tonight."". The whole video shows Jordan's attention to his closest successor, and sees that Kobe is retiring, and Michael Jordan gives his best wishes and hopes for the future. This year's all star game will be launched in Losangeles, NIKE will launch something special to the Los Angeles all star. The newsgroup last time brought you the IKE Air Force 1 Foamposite& the Kobe version of Low, which will be on sale in February 1st at a price of 1588 rmb. The upper Foamposite features a aubergine purple color, black Velcro and crystal sole. The tongue embroidered some Kobe Logo is a symbol of the Kobe version of the Nike Air Force 1 Foamposite. The low version of snake leather toe plate has 2011 words, will be on sale in February. in the show, we see the two pairs of AF1, we also saw a lot of new clothes, including the latest products that inspired the black mamba. Please enjoy the following detailed picture: in front of the double Air Jordan 4 "Space Jam" custom shoes, with the animation of the bugs bunny and villain for the design of the protagonist. The white and blue colors add the red detail to the right foot, and the left foot is the black yellow green gradient color. At the same time, the tongue followed by details such as full of surprises!OG vs Retro - Reebok Kamikaze II KingCS 2013-1-19 19:52:17 to upload the author: Reading: 103 recommended: 0 reply: 0 category: SNK shoes informationThis classic shoe kept unfailing charm in for a long time. But in the cold winter season, ordinary canvas version certainly can not meet your warm demand, therefore, this season CONVERSE in response to this demand launched a version of the Chuck Taylor All Star leather Hi. This version of the shoe body with a black leather covered with particles, CONVERSE signs of eye, white metal shoes vulcanized outsole and laces, texture more than upgrade still retains the most classic part. CONVERSE_Chuck_Taylor_All_Star_Hi-1.jpg (200.18 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2013-11-5 20:13 upload CONVERSE_Chuck_Taylor_All_Star_Hi-2.jpg (241.13 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2013-11-5 20:13 upload CONVERSE_Chuck_Taylor_All_Star_Hi-3.jpg (216.43 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2013-11-5 20:13 upload CONVERSE_Chuck_Taylor_All_Star_Hi-4.jpg (181.49 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2013-11-5 20:13 upload CONVERSE_Chuck_Taylor_All_Star_Hi-5.jpg (218.11 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2013-11-5 20:13 upload CONVERSE_Chuck_Taylor_All_Star_Hi-6.jpg (215.55 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2013-11-5 20:13 upload CONVERradidas Originals EQT shoes are about to be released with a new color experience. The Adidas Originals EQT, the primary source of attention to jogging, is based on its classic blue, white, and gray structures. This shoe is expected in early November before sale, including the German Berlin Adidas Originals shop has sold No.47. belongs to the Vans Vault series is mature but still not to the street to Spectator LX, the new new model belongs to the 2011 in the spring quarter, with dark green leather special collocation canvas material to build, with carved design and equipped with rubber to complete the coordination of beauty, low cylinder the set also cater to the summer!